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The fish are here

Fish TankSome weeks ago, I bought my wife a tropical fish tank for her birthday. Today, we have been out and about buying fish to add to the tank (for those who don’t know a fish tank needs time to balance, before adding fish).Its take us several weeks to get this point, we have changed the water almost ever day, checking the PH level and the nitrite levels. Last week we added some hardy fish and mix of plants to start the nitrate cycle.

Buying fishes is not a simple matter, you need to consider many things before selecting the right mix of fish for your tank.

  • What sort of tank: cold, marine or tropical
  • Different fish like different areas of the tank e.g. top, middle, bottom or edges. It’s important that you don’t over populate areas of the fish tank.
  • Some species of fish are social and like to be mixed with other species. And other that can only be with their own kind. Thera are also some  fished which you need to have the right mixture of male and female.
  • The process of adding fish, needs to be spread out over several weeks, giving the tank time to balance itself.

If you are thinking about having a fish tank, do your research before diving in. It will save you money and time in the long-term.

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